Saturday, April 17, 2010

Writing is talking. So let's talk:)

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. Things have definitely changed in our house over the last few weeks. My husband quit work, I returned to work, and he got really sick (in bed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome at the moment). I was able to relax from school work over the holidays, but the lesson modules are back with a vengeance! Factor in the stress of shuffling kids around, caring for the bed-bound, getting to and from work myself, and then making sure everything's ready to do it all again the next day and you've got a pretty clear picture of what my days are like right about now.

So it goes.

Anyway, I've started reading a nice little writing book that I grabbed from the library (because it seemed to tie in nicely with the course I'm doing), and I came across a lovely piece of advice that I've used once before without even realizing it. According to the author, writing should sound like talking, a conversation between writer and reader. Only then will your writing flow in a way that reaches people and resonates with them. (Think of how fun it is to read a technical manual of any kind and you'll get what I'm talking about.)

That said, I'll mention that my book is thisclose to the end (like, in the very last scene), but I've hit yet another block. What to do? What to do with my characters who are showing their true colors only to disappoint me?? Can I use that? Surely there's got to be a way that I can. But how do I figure that out??

I know! I'll talk to myself!! (The best conversation I'll ever have...haha! Sorry, just had to throw that in.) Anyway, I blogged once before about the usefulness of that practice. I guess it just stands to reason that I'll do it again, only this time allowing the process to continue on into the writing itself.

Awesome! I so can't wait for my next writing session... Now when will that be??