Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best-case scenario

Writers Festival. Brilliant authors everywhere. Amazing sessions with lots to learn. What's the best-case scenario you can think of with that?

Too hard to think of only one, right?

Well today, I got one of my best-case scenarios!

I was sitting in a session about fiction vs. non-fiction when someone in the row behind me made a comment. I turned to see it was none other than Mohezin Tejani, an author I had heard speak yesterday and was totally amazed by!

So, being the eager beaver that I am, I caught up with him after the session to get his thoughts on assimilation (he's lived all over the world and is, essentially, a world citizen), writing and, if I'm being honest, anything else I can think of on the spot:)

Sure enough, "Mo" did not disappoint. For the next half hour, we had what I thought was a very stimulating conversation. He listened to my questions and gave sincere answers, throwing in the intriguing anecdote here and there.

He had such wonderful words of wisdom that I went away wishing I'd had the nerve to ask if I could record our conversation. (Although, I did quickly write down notes of whatever I could possibly remember afterwards. That'll have to suffice.)

It was such an amazing experience, and I'm so grateful that he took the time to speak with me. Hopefully I'll hear from him soon, as he said he'll send me a piece he wrote (for both my consideration and feedback). But even if I never do, I'll have taken away some invaluable advice from a wonderful man and author!

Thanks, Mo!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Melbourne Writers' Festival

I'm on my way, folks! To the MWF, of course. So excited! I'm really looking forward to learning from the amazing authors that are presenting. And I'm very excited about the book launches as well. Today will be pretty much non-stop - only half an hour between all my sessions, starting at 10 and finishing up at 6:30. And then going right back for another round tomorrow! :)

Now, quick update: I'm mostly reading screenplays at the moment. Although, I did cave and buy a novel when I happened upon it at the bookstore yesterday. I mean, c'mon, it's Mockingjay, people!! :) I've been editing a few stories and working on an essay, hopefully for publication, not to mention the schoolwork. And of course, I'm mulling over my screenplay. I've just thrown two unlikely companions into a deadly jungle, so now I've got to figure out what's going to happen to them...

Any suggestions? ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Aviator

So it's been kinda quiet on my blog. Apologies, friends:) See, I've just been a little distracted lately, really discovering the screenplay. It's such a different form and, for a visual person like me, can be hugely entertaining in its own way.

I workshopped the first chunk of my screenplay, and got a positive response, excepting the flowery descriptives. I really need to tighten my writing here. So to learn more about scripts and how they're supposed to read, I'm studying The Aviator (written by John Logan, directed by Martin Scorcese) at the moment. I'd seen the movie ages ago, but reading the screenplay is its own experience. You really see into Howard's (the main character) intense obsessions (he's a serious germaphobe).

And of course, I'm seeing the structure of the script itself, and realizing where I've gone wrong in my own writing. (The mental to do list is in full swing, guys!)

Reading this script has definitely made me see that I could easily fall in love with the form. And maybe one day, I'll finally see a script of mine playing onscreen (instead of only in my mind's eye). How awesome would that be?? Note to self: write a brilliant screenplay and get it made!!!

Recommended reading: The Aviator script. Or any others that have been made:) The local library should have at least a few to choose from.

Happy reading and writing!!