Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah, the thrill of the fight...

Okay, so I've slacked. Big time. I've procrastinated and justified my way through the last month with only minimal advances made on my book.


I could lay out all the possible reasons, the contributing factors that kept me away from the keyboard. But that would be justifying, right? And I've always said (though I struggle to always practice the notion) that if you have to justify something, then it's wrong. Period.

That said, I am intimidated by the problem I - or better yet, my characters - face. The Climax. I've read some great action scenes. And I've seen even more amazing ones played out on the silver screen. Yet, I can't bring myself to get into the details of the scene that plays in my mind, the scene where my poor main character - currently standing just outside the danger zone, waiting for me to plunge him into the action - is thrown into the lion's den and, subsequently, impending doom. I don't know - or at least I don't think I know - how to write an action scene!

Still, I'll never figure it out if I don't jump in, head first...

So I guess I'll stop talking and get to work. See you on the other side!


Kristi said...

Just stopped by and wanted to say hello! Good luck with your latest work! I've always found when I'm stuck if I just "jump in" as you mentioned and write SOMETHING...later as I reread it it's much easier to bring it to life the way I want it. Sometimes my mind just needs time to catch up!

Love the blog!

Stef said...

I second Kristi's comments. Diving in head-first without any regard to how you want the story to pan out is actually really helpful. Even if you end out with utter crap, at least you got SOMEthing down, you know? I've found that useful for me, anyway. :)

I'm sure you'll push through the upcoming scary climax with flying colors! Good luck!

Karen Lange said...

I agree with Stef and Kristi; sometimes you just have to jump in and get something down. Even if it seems lousy, you've got something to work with. I'm a great one for putting off a project, dancing around it and doing other stuff. When I just get to it, I actually get something accomplished. Imagine that! Wish you the best with your project:)

Thanks for following my blog! Blessings to you and your readers,

Rebecca Knight said...

Ooh! Good luck with tossing your character into danger :D. Also, thanks for being my 100th follower--YOU ROCK!

Bek said...

Thanks, guys! I thrive on encouragement, and yours is exactly what I need:D

While I haven't gotten as much done on my scene as I would've hoped, actually starting it has helped me to figure out where my weaknesses lie. And that's always a good thing - it's nice to know where the landmines are before you start the journey, right? :)

Thanks again!