Thursday, January 7, 2010

Four goals in one year ... Am I insane???

Okay, so obviously the first goal I'm tackling this year is to get this book finished. And by that I mean totally drafted, revised, polished and submitted. Sure, that was on the list already. But now that I've realized a major change I need to make before I move on, just finishing the first draft will be a huge success once I get to The End. So yes, getting this book finished is my first goal.

Secondly, I've volunteered (mental case that I am) to write a book for my sister-in-law who is in desperate need of another good urban fantasy to read. Yeah. I'm an idiot. But in my defense, I did tell her that I'll only give her a chapter at a time. At least that way, I can look at it more like writing a stack of short stories instead of one huge, daunting project.

So number three, a writing course. This is a correspondence certificate in Professional Writing and Editing, similar to a diploma in the States. I wasn't really worried about doing it until I spoke to a course coordinator who stressed what a massive undertaking the course can be. Truth be told, I considered putting it off for a year or two. But I know that if I do wait, then I probably won't ever do the course at all. And besides, I'm just too excited about starting it to miss out.

And coming in at number four is songwriting. Yes, you read correctly. See, back in 2008, I wrote some lyrics for a musician friend who actually moved here to Australia around the same time that we did. (Coincidentally, he lives only a few minutes away from us.) We've had a chat and decided that this year, we'll do some songs. Mainly acoustic/folk stuff, but maybe some rock as well (he's closer to a metalhead, so it's a compromise). I'm excited, he's excited, it's a great combo:)

So that's what 2010 looks like for me. In theory, anyway. While I'm not so naive as to think it'll be easy to get those things done (I know I'm taking on a HUGE year), I don't want to consider which of those goals will suffer or *gasp* fail. And we all know that my priority is still my family, first and foremost. So if this is going to work, I'm going to have to just get stuck into it and go.

May 2010 be as massive for you as I'm hoping it'll be for me!!

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