Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feel the love:)

It's important to have a good support system in every dream you pursue. No secret there. But when you actually realize you have it, the feeling you get is amazing!

Cam was sick this past week and he had plenty of time to think about our lives and where we are along our journey. When he finally got better, he had a long talk with me about the goals that we're aiming for. He told me how very important my writing is to him and that he wants to do whatever he can to support me in pursuing my dreams.


Now, I love my husband. I loved him before and would've loved him just the same even without hearing that. But knowing how much my ambitions mean to him has shown me just how much he means to me.

And that is something I cherish. I only hope everyone else has it, too:)


Karen Lange said...

How sweet! The support of loved ones is a wonderful thing. My husband and three kids are very supportive. It's a blessing:)

Rebekah D. Hay said...

Oh, it totally is! The other day I told him that there was a networking night at the local writers' centre coming up and he encouraged me to go. It's such a relief to know that I'm not pushing myself for this dream alone:)

prashant said...

It's a blessing:)
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