Sunday, July 4, 2010

Switching gears...or trying to, at least :)

The first re-write of my novel is coming along nicely. It's crazy to be able look at it and see where the underlying issues are. That kind of thing always seemed too abstract for me to understand, but now that I'm actually doing it, it's a breeze. (Noticing it, that is. Actually fixing it will be a whole different post...)

I've ordered my free proof copy (courtesy of CreateSpace and NaNoWriMo) and I'm pretty eager to get it in. Not that anyone will be allowed to read it (it's completely unedited). It's more just to be able to have it in my hands and get the ego boost that I think every writer needs to keep going. If holding the printed manuscript was such an exciting moment, I can only imagine how I'll feel when it's a paperback book I'm holding instead:p

I'm also pretty stoked about how my screenplay is coming along. I've played around with my recently-downloaded screenwriting software and that's been its own motivation to get more scenes written. Hopefully by the time I have to submit the first portion of my screenplay for an assignment on Friday, it'll be a good start to the best first script ever written:) Lofty ambitions, I know... Humor me;)

And last night, I had one of those dreams that lots of writers hope for - the one with a brilliant idea for that next project. I've been trying to come up with the right story for this year's NaNo with no luck. But last night's dream was absolutely what I needed. It's emotional and raw and totally workable. And the best part is, now's the perfect time to get it - I've got just long enough to research, plan, or simply mull it over before the chaos of NaNoWriMo starts in November.

Now, does anybody have any tips on switching gears from one project to the next and back again?? I think I'll need all the help I can get;)


Karen Lange said...

Sounds like you are making wonderful progress on everything. Congratulations! As for switching gears, I know a little down time helps me - another type of project, a family outing, etc. It helps me refresh and move ahead.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I am so sorry that I cannot extend the giveaway overseas. I need to check into the fine print on the rules for that kind of thing to see what could be done.

Thanks and blessings to you,
Karen :)

Rebekah D. Hay said...

Thanks Karen:) I think taking a nice step back is a good way to move forward (gotta love that logic!).

And don't worry about the giveaway:) I was more just commenting to let you know I enjoyed the interview. It really is nice to hear about others' processes. Good job!

Kenda said...

Thanks, Rebekah, for the recent follow! I'm looking foward to following you in your writing journey, too :-)

Rebekah D. Hay said...

Thanks Kenda:) Love your blog!