Thursday, June 9, 2011

I don't suck at blogging, just at getting to my blogging. (I think...)

Okay, so I'm back from lazy-land an unofficial hiatus from the blogosphere with updates on me and my writing self. FYI, this is where I pretend you care and you just roll your eyes and read on:)

So, what have I been up to aside from mothering the 5 4 hooligans and keeping up with the 9-to-5?

Well, for starters, I've shown my script to a producer/writer/director on his offer to give feedback to help with the rewrite! Awesome, right??

That was 2 months ago. I haven't heard back. But just so you know, I'm taking that as 'I'm simply too busy with actual film work to waste my time helping any aspirant bold enough to compete with me in this rat race'. It doesn't mean my script sucks. Because...y' doesn't suck. I think. Probably.


On the more productive side, I've been working on that script that I'm writing for a guy in New Jersey. Yeah, we have a contract. *Cue nail buffing on the shoulder...* :) Okay, it's a contract that I drew up myself and there's no money involved at the moment. And admittedly, I really only went into this project for the experience of it and not with any expectations of it being a huge success (though believe me, I'll be utterly ecstatic if anything does happen with it!). But I am really enjoying the writing of this script so much more than I expected I would. I mean, it is a great story (the details of which, unfortunately, I can't share), but it's such a different story from anything I ever would've written on my own. But I think the thing that has really surprised me about this script is how much my own creativity is kicking in. The script is based on a true story, and I started out thinking that I'd be writing a screenplay version of the events as they happened. Of course, that was before I realised that a lot of things needed to be fictionalised to actually make a script out of it.

So now, I'm cutting things that happened, adding things that didn't and toying with these characters (some old, some new) as if they're my own little puppets that somehow already had a life of their own before I ever came along. And it's wonderful!!

Aside from that, it's just the same old, same old. (Except, of course, for the fact that I met Jan Sardi!!! Star-struck much??) I'm picking up freelance editing work wherever I can get it, toying with the idea of entering a few short story contests, whining to my husband that I'm tired and need more chocolate and getting comfy-cozy on the train each morning to write.

In other words, I'm still alive and well and trying every day to do something, anything for my passion. And you know what? I really hope you are, too. Because I'm constantly re-discovering that as hectic as life can be, there's always plenty of fulfillment to be found in the activities we love the most:)

Hey, Hallmark...Boosh!! :p

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