Sunday, November 22, 2009

Almost there!

I just made 75%! I have to say, it's a very liberating experience to realize that I'm actually capable of telling a story of this size. I mean, all my life, the idea of writing a book was something that totally intimidated me, and I never saw it as something I could obtain. But now that I'm three-quarters of the way to my NaNo goal (though I'll still have an extra 20k words or so to go on top of that), I finally see that it's really not as daunting of a task once you've broken it down into doable sections (a little writing every day, chapters broken into scenes, etc.). And I just added another subplot today, so that always helps. As does my new random character who will prove vitally important at the climax.

I've decided that (obviously) I'll hit my 50k, and then I'll take December to add the extra content that I need before I can start revising. I was planning on revising in January (after taking a break from the book, stepping back and getting some fresh perspective), but depending on how long the extra 20k or 30k takes, it may be pushed back to February. Even still, that's not a bad effort in my opinion - 4 months (hopefully) to a drafted novel ready to shop around to agents/publishers.

Wow! That's crazy. A year after I decided to take the plunge and just be the writer already, I could be sending out my manuscript. Wish me luck:)

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