Monday, November 2, 2009

This is turning out better than I expected!

So I'm 2 days in, and while I'm not breaking any records in the word count department, I'm sticking to my targets pretty well. I've got a prologue and a 1st chapter done. Yay for outlines!!! (Side note: while in high school, I would've NEVER said those words!)

And the best part is, I was really worried that because I have a really detailed outline, I'd end up writing the dry, "point A to point B" kinds of scenes/chapters. But I'm actually throwing in a lot more material than I put into the outline. So I've already got an extra character that will probably come into play later, and a whole other take on the book itself.

Woohoo! Yay:) Go team! Or...go me:)

I'm done.

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